Concept of 4D Scans during Pregnancy

As pregnancy is one of the wonderful feelings for a woman, it needs proper attention and care during the entire gestation period of nine months. Having a healthy and balanced diet is important, however, proper medical checkups and consumption of prescribed medication is also equally important. To determine the condition of the fetus, it is important to get an ultrasound scan done. As technology has advanced at a rapid pace, 2D scans are replaced by 3D and 4D scans as they prove to be more detailed. Several medical centers offer private maternity scans at affordable rates so that one can avail the services in a hassle free way.


At a 4D Baby Scan Centre, you will be able to know about the health condition of your baby once you have the reports in your hand. With use of a 4D scan, you will be able to determine the face expressions of your baby along with body movements. Doctors are suggesting 4D scans to be done because they detection of any form of deformity in the fetus can be known with ease. In comparison to 2D and 3D scans, 4D scans are costlier because it involves high-tech and sophisticated machines. Nevertheless, one can even capture pictures from the scanning of the baby and the entire video of the scanning is even provided to would be parents. If you are looking for any private center for having a 4D scan conducted, then you can easily search for them online. Various websites provide detailed information about such centers along with information about costing of the scanning process.

JUNE BACKUP_18_23                  JUNE BACKUP_14_10

Even though technology has advanced to new levels, there is always a question in the mind of parents who are going for 4D scans for the first time, are 4D Baby scans safe? Talking in medical terms, 4D scans are safer. The scanning does not have any effect on the mother or the baby and the sound waves, which are transmitted in the body, are out of harm’s way.  From the past three decades, pregnancy scanning is suggested to would be parents as it helps in determining the issues (if any) related to the fetus so that further complications can be avoided.



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