Information about the Anatomy Ultrasound

Getting a pregnancy scan is very essential to understand the health of the babies. Until and unless you do not get a scan you can never tell the condition of the baby and the abnormalities within it if it has any. You will not be able to determine the due date without a scan. Hence it is pertinent to get an ultrasound scan at a 3d/4d baby scan studio. Private maternity scans are also available.


The anatomy scan will assess all the parts of the baby and show you the movement of the baby through an image. This anatomy scan is a level 2 ultrasound and this is performed between 18-22 weeks. Other than determining the sex of the baby, the technician will also measure the body parts. Here is a list of the various aspects to look into while a scan is being performed:


The technician will take a look at the shape of the cerebellum space as well as the fluid-filled spaces that are within the brain. Fetal cysts within the brain may cause chromosome abnormality.


Determining whether your baby has a cleft lip or no, depends upon the position of the baby in the womb. Cleft lips are one of the most common birth defects that affect 1 of every 600 newborns in the US.


An ultrasound diagnostics will help you and a medical team to prepare for a surgery after the child is born.


The technician will determine if the vertebra is in alignment and all the skin covers the spine at the back.

The mother’s anatomy:

The technician will take a look to determine the position of the placenta. He will also check the position of the umbilical cord to verify if it enters the abdomen correctly. Also, amniotic fluid will be checked to see if it surrounds the baby completely.


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