Early Pregnancy Scans to Ensure Proper Health of Baby in Womb

We take utmost care of our baby in our laps. We ensure they don’t catch cold, we ensure they don’t hurt themselves and we ensure their growth and development in the crucial years. This is easy because your baby is just in front of your very eyes. What get difficult is the taking care of your baby when it’s still unborn and lies safely in the womb of the mother. The anxiety that disturbs a new mom about the proper growth and development of the precious gem in her womb is just overwhelming. However, modern science has come up with latest technology and equipments ensuring the healthy status of an unborn baby in the mother’s womb.

The latest 3d/4d scans help get a detailed report of the development of the baby happening inside the womb and without any damages. The mother has an amazing experience of watching her baby yawn, move, stretch and flip in front of her very eyes. Any possible chromosomal defect can also be detected at a very early stage and measures can be taken for corrections. This has come to be boon for all the expecting mothers. There are several labs which have latest and state-of-the-art-technology facilities and certified, registered and qualified staff. The rates are also affordable and reasonable for any middle class parents.


The vulnerability of the new fetus inside the womb makes it difficult to go for higher testing and scanning. The equipments and methodology for early pregnancy scans-5 weeks are also available which gives out a detailed development report of the unborn baby without casting any damage to the fragile baby. It also check up the well and healthy status of the ovary and uterus of the mother.

Medical science is proved to be a blessing for all the mothers who can now even shower their love and care on their babies resting peacefully inside them. All the facilities are getting mother friendly right from taking appointment to taking a thorough report. The sophisticated and professional ambience helps the mothers to have hassle free checkups which they now eagerly look forward to instead of avoiding them.


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