An Unforgettable Pregnancy

It’s true that every pregnancy is different from one another.

It was in November when I experienced nausea and physical instability.  At the back of my mind, there is a denial that I can’t be pregnant as my only child is now eleven years old.  In fact, I can’t remember how it feels to be pregnant at all.

To erase all doubts, we seek the assistance of a pregnancy and childbirth in Yorkshire.  Though, I’m excited to know what the real score, I’m really afraid that this might be just a false alarm.

Finally the doctor confirmed that I am six weeks pregnant.  There were mixed emotions.  I’m excited that another member of the family will arrive in a few months time, yet, afraid that I don’t know if I can take care of myself and the baby during the entire pregnancy.


A few months after, I asked my obstetrician-gynecologist, are 4D baby scans safe?I have been hearing about this new technology, but I want to check first if undergoing such test will not affect my baby.

She said that this is 100% safe. In fact, this is a vital test to have to check if everything is normal in my womb.   Weeks before the scheduled ultrasound scan, I have been experiencing pain in the lower part of my abdomen.  The doctor said that I must not force myself to work and lift heavy things for it may bring harm to my baby.  I tried working normally rejecting heavy loads, but the pain still remains.

It was during the ultrasound test that they identify that I must stop working from that day until the delivery.  The baby is normal, moving and responding well.  The thing that concerns them is her position.  A girl, the baby is positioned on the lower part of my ovary, thus I’m experiencing pain.  They too suggested that I must have another caesarean operation like the first baby to assure a safe delivery of the baby.  From that day, I was advised for a full bed rest to prevent blood spotting and risk on both our lives.




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