How To Get Safe Early Pregnancy Scans?

An ultrasound scan is performed by the sound waves which are passed through the uterus. The waves reflect back by touching your baby inside the womb and provide an image on the screen. The scans are done to monitor the health and development of your baby or in case you are having any sort of pain or other issues during the pregnancy.

The early pregnancy scan 6 weeks is done to examine the situation during the initial days of your pregnancy. The scan is capable of detecting pregnancy during the first six weeks and can also record heartbeat of your baby in the later days of pregnancy. The basic purpose of getting the ultrasound scan done is to check the number of babies you are having and to detect whether you are expecting or not. Furthermore, the early pregnancy scan 6 weeks lets the sonographer to examine the gestation sac and yolk sac development inside the uterus. The most favorable point of having this scan is to determine the heartbeat of your baby. You must check the heartbeat to reduce the risks of miscarriage while having the ultrasound done.


The 2D ultrasound scans might seem to be disappointing as they do not give clear and accurate results. Following the latest techniques, we have the 3D and 4D ultrasound scan facility available for our valued customers. These scans are performed by out trained sonographers who can operate the equipment to give accurate results.

Are 4D baby scans safe?

Yes, these scans are obviously safe because the images generated through the ultrasound consist of portions of two dimensional images which are then converted into one single picture. It is not recommended by experts to have the 4D baby scans performed regularly as exposing the fetus to warm waves just for one picture is not at all justified. The 4D scans can take up to an hour to complete which is far greater timespan as compared to the allowed duration for the scan. Although there are no evidences proving the 4D scans to be unsafe, but it is recommended by the experts to minimize the time of scan and use the lowest intensity if possible.