The Best Facility For 3D And 4D Ultrasound Scans

With this technology, the ultrasound beams pass through the mother’s body and displays the image of the baby in two dimensions only. The image is usually unclear and grey in color but some doctors use sonography to change the color of the image.  Early pregnancy ultrasound scan has become very popular and is available at many hospitals and clinics. With 3D scan technology, the images are displayed in more richer and clear format and this is done by reconstructing multiple two dimensional images. The images and digitally reconstructed which results in a life-like image of the baby. . With the latest advancements in 2D and 3D ultrasound scanning procedures, the parents can see the real time images of their baby. If the ultrasound is performed in between the period of 24 to 34 weeks, the parents can even see the face of their baby. 3D and 4D image scanning has made this possible for all us. When it comes to pregnancy and childbirth in Yorkshire, the parents can always consult the expert professionals of miracle inside.

Real time pictures of the baby through advanced 4D scanning technique

Many people also opt for 4D scanning since it offers the baby picture in real time. Images of early pregnancy scan 5 weeks often appear in golden color on the screen and the color can also be adjusted to display a sharper image. With the help of various tools used in 3D scanning the doctors can manipulate the pictures so that parents can look at a much clear image of the baby. This also helps in highlighting the main features of the baby. Both 3D and 4D ultrasound techniques use the same beams but are processed differently. Mothers must be aware of the fact that 3D scans are safe and approved by medical association.  If you are looking to opt for 3D scanning procedure then there are many 3d/4d baby scan studio which offer 3D and 4D ultrasound scanning. The best time to opt for this procedure is between 24 to 34 weeks into pregnancy.


Importance of Scanning During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is essential to know about the health of the baby and the mother equally. It is essential to consume the prescribed medicines along with nutrition-filled food so that health of the baby and the mother is maintained in the best possible manner. In addition to this, it is essential to go for routine health checkups to avoid the hassles that are involved during pregnancy. With advancement of technology, gynecologists are suggesting to go for ultrasound scans as it helps in determining various factors. Today, scanning centers are offering 3D and 4D scans as accuracy of results are determined in the same.

For knowing the beauty of life inside the womb, an early pregnancy ultrasound scan is conducted. When you visit a scanning center, you will be amazed to see the movement of your baby inside you. Starting from expressions of the baby along with positioning inside the womb is possible to be seen through an ultrasound scan. In addition to this, these scans also determine if there is any form of deformity like cleft lip or palate in the child along with twisted limbs.


The process of scanning is pretty simple. Before starting the process, the expecting mother should consume a lot of water as it helps in better clarity during the scan. After this process, a gel is being applied on the lower abdomen and even on the hand-scanning tool for attaining the best quality picture. The gel, which is being applied, helps in better transmission of radio waves, which in result gives the pictures of the baby inside. The complete process usually takes nearly 30 minutes. During the scanning process, pictures of the baby along with video of the scan are being taken which is further utilized for medical purpose and is handed over to the parents. After the scanning process, a report is being generated which comprises of all the details.

People having questions in mind that are 4D Baby scans safe can attain the answers from the health experts and gynecologists. To find the best scanning center in your area, doing some online exploration would come in handy.

Know Your Baby Better

Your baby is your most sacred possession. As a young parent you will want to know and understand your baby. You will be excited to see your baby for the first time in your life. You will obviously be protective for your baby. If you really care for your unborn child, you should get a private maternity scans for your baby. These ultrasound scans will allow you to get a glimpse of your baby. Let us now look at the advantages of getting an ultrasound scan for your baby.

  1. Knowing the gender of the baby

Many young parents these days want to find out the gender of their kids beforehand. A maternity scan will reveal the gender of the baby. These scans will help you understand your child.

  1. Healthy of the baby

Ultrasound scans will help in checking the health of the baby. The heartbeat of the baby is checked along with the respiratory functions of the baby. The scan will also confirm the viability for pregnancy and rule out ectopic pregnancy. The scanning professional will also make sure the pregnancy sac is located with the uterus.

  1. You will also be able to calculate the due date of delivery.
  2. Any signs of bleeding or unusual pain.

There are many 3D/4D baby scan studios that provide the scan for your baby. Make sure that you visit a licensed clinic that will provide you the exact scans for your baby. These scans will depict the exact characteristics of the baby. Always make it a point to visit the clinic to be updated with your baby’s progress. Scans can predict problems that may emanate during delivery. Doctors can be equipped with the procedures if they are aware of these imminent problems.


Make sure that you visit the right clinic that adds a more personal touch to their service. So go on and become a better parent by understanding your baby much better. These scans will surely help you in the future. So go on and get the first glimpse of your baby.