A Window to Your Newborn – Private Baby Scans

Feeling the baby for the first time is just amazing and experiencing the kicks is an important milestone for a new mother. When it’s your first pregnancy, you can be extremely happy about little things. Ultrasound scans are a window to your newborn as the scans help you see your unborn child for the first time. While many women can be unsure of their baby movements, different kind of sensations and more, experts often help them to understand them. Let’s outline different sensations that you can experience throughout your pregnancy.

How do the movements feel like?

Pregnancy’s first movement also known as quickening is described by fluttering sensation. If this is your first pregnancy, you may be unable to experience the changes,but as the months passed, the movements and sensations become more distinctive.

When can the first movement be felt?

The time frame for experiencing the movements of the baby can vary widely from one woman to another, particularly if it is the first pregnancy. The average time to detect the first movement is between 19 to 20 weeks. However, it may even take longer or you may even experience them as early as 16 weeks. If you have not-experienced the movements by 24 weeks, you need to check with the doctor to know whether everything is fine or not. This is when private baby scans in Leeds can help you detect any problem.

How often does the baby move?

As stated above, there is no set amount of movements that you will be experiencing, although you may experience the movements during 9 PM to 1 AM as during this time, the child is most active. You may keep a chart of how many movements you feel on a day to familiarize yourself with the baby’s movement pattern. This is different for everybody,therefore you need to keep a tab on the movements to identify wriggles and kicks. A trained doctor or a midwife can help you know more about the movements.

3d 4d pregnancy scan

How does ultrasound help?

If you are getting an ultrasound while the baby is awake, you will be able to see the movements. You can choose to go in for 3D or 4D scan between 16 to 20 weeks as your baby is developed by that time. During this time, there is plenty of room for the child to move around.

If during the time of the ultrasound, the baby has assumed an awkward position, the sonographer will help you with the situation and ask you to take a walk. This will encourage movements and the baby can return back to his original position. When selecting private baby scans, Leeds experts will make sure that you can easily preview the images and get a better idea about your baby.

Want to know more about your bundle of job or want to know which colors will adorn the walls of your baby room, get a private baby scans in Leeds. The 3D pregnancy scans will help you know a little more about your unborn child.


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