First Encounter with Unborn Child – Ultrasound Scans

So you are really excited to watch your child grow in your belly? What can be a better way than undergoing an ultrasound scan? For the past few years, 3D and 4D ultrasound scan have been ruling the ultrasound market as it gives a chance to parents to watch their child doing different activities while still in the womb. However,do you know, in the first place, what ultrasound scan is all about? If you said no, keep on reading!

What is an Ultrasound Scan?


In simple language, an ultrasound scan can be defined as sound waves that are sent through the womb of an expecting mother. These waves bounce off after hitting the baby as echoes which then turned into an image on the screen. With the help of Private Maternity Scans, the position of the baby and his movement can be predicted easily.

Is it Safe?

One of the most commonly asked questions by expecting mother is, “Is ultrasound safe for my baby?” Well, the answer depends on the sonographer you have chosen. Pregnant women have been using ultrasound scans for decades and nobody has found them harmful only if carried out in the right way.

What is the scan used for?

The ultrasound scan is used to check a number of things depending on your stage of pregnancy.

  • Detect an ectopic pregnancy.
  • It helps to check the heartbeat of the baby.
  • Say whether you are carrying twins or singleton.
  • Examine if all the organs of the baby are normal or not.
  • Diagnose abnormalities that may be present in the baby.
  • Access whether your baby is suffering from Down’s syndrome.

Who do the scan?

Sonographers are trained experts who usually do the ultrasound scan. They have a postgraduate certificate or master’s degree in medical ultrasound. You can even choose to get your Baby Gender Scan Leeds done by someone who is under going training in ultrasound, under the supervision of an expert. You can get the scans done by fetal medicine specialists.

When are the scans carried out?

During the first trimester, which is usually about 6 weeks, the sonographer may ask you to take up the first early scan. However, this is only done if you are experiencing vaginal bleeding or pain.

Dating scans is the next scan usually taken up during 11 to 13 weeks. This scan helps confirm the due date.

Anomaly scan is usually taken during the second trimester, about 20 weeks. This scan may be offered to check the development of the baby.

An ultrasound scan is generally done to reveal any serious problem during your First  pregnancy Scan Video. During pregnancy, there are a whole lot of people that may support you. So enjoy a happy and healthy pregnancy.


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