12 Incredible Things Babies Do While Still in the Womb

Being adorable is not the only thing that newborn children are known for. They have got plenty of skills and qualities to bowl you over. While still in the womb, they start showing different movements and signs of them being healthy. Here are 12 amazing things that you may have not realized, but are happening inside you. To get a clear picture of these events, you can any day opt for 3D / 4D Scan in Yorkshire.

The baby has facial hairs

Did you know babies develop fine mustache while they are still in the womb? Strange, but true! The fine hairs known as lanugos spread all over their body and are finally eaten by the baby himself. However, these are expelled from the body after the birth.

Bones bones everywhere

At the time when a baby is born, he has 370 bones; however, these are reduced to adult bone number, i.e. 206 within a short time span. As they grow up, the baby bones fuse together to create the adult number.

The baby can cry

Yes, it’s true, the babies can cry in the womb though silently. If you choose to go in with 3D baby scans Centre in Yorkshire during third trimester, there are high chances that you can see the baby’s movements clearly.

Babies practice facial expressions

You can witness the babies two dimensional facial expression by observing 3D/4D scan by 24 weeks. Moreover, if you choose to undergo 4D ultrasound scans during 36 weeks gestating, you can easily observe more complex facial expressions such as wrinkled nose, stretched mouth and lowered eyebrows.

Sucking thumb

This is one habit that babies develop in the womb. 4D ultrasound scan can clearly show you what your baby is busy doing. It has been seen that babies who suck their thumb before being born, carry forward this habit even when they grow up.

So what do you think your baby is up to in that protective environment? Get a 4D scan at the earliest to know more about your baby.



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