Enjoy Watching Your Baby During Pregnancy

Are you eagerly waiting for your baby to come into this world? Do you want to hold him close and love him forever? If it is becoming difficult for you to wait for your baby to come into this world, opt for 3D baby scan. 3D ultrasound scan gives you the chance to catch a glimpse of your baby when he is still in your womb and makes sure that he is safe and healthy.

With the new 3D/4D ultrasound exam, you can see the baby from various angles. For instance; instead of watching the baby in two dimensions i.e. just the profile view of the child, you can now view the whole surface. 4D ultrasound scan is a little more advance as it gives you the chance to see the movements of the unborn child in real time. You can see the fetus sucking his thumb, making faces and more!

Why are they performed?

3D baby scan centre performs these tests to examine the baby closely and suspect any fetal anomalies. 3D scan helps the doctor to look at the baby more clearly and check whether the baby is healthy or is suffering from any birth defect. Moreover, the 3D scan helps the parents-to-be know the sex of the baby so that they can easily plan for their unborn child well before he is born.


The safety of Mother & Child

It may feel excited to hear your baby’s beating heart or see him in action while still in the womb, however, make sure that you choose a 3D baby scan centre that has a good reputation. Having experienced sonographers by your side will help you feel secure and confident about the test that you will be undergoing.

It is always advised to take up an ultrasound exam performed by the experts. So go for an ultrasound scan and catch a glimpse of your still developing unborn child.


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