Why are 3D/4D scans more important than the regular 2D scans?

Pregnancy is not an easy task to deal with as it comes with its shares of joy and difficulties. While passing through the trimesters, you get anxious and excited because it is practically suffocating to wait for nine months to get a glimpse of the tiny little toes and fingers. Many new moms-to-be have an unending desire in their hearts to see their child at least once before giving birth.

However, with the standard 2D ultrasound scan, it is not possible as it is just a blurred (very fuzzy) view of the baby. To compensate this desire, the new 3D/4D ultrasound scans were invented, which allows a person to get a detailed vision of the unborn baby. While the primary purpose of the ultrasound scans is to make sure that your baby is safe inside the womb, you may also book an appointment to get 3D/4D pictures of the unborn baby.

So, what does make Doppler, 2D, 3D or 4D ultrasound scans different?

The first pregnancy scan recommended by a doctor is more often than not the two-dimensional ultrasound scan. This scan is carried out by placing a transducer on the stomach. The wand sends sound waves into the body that bounces off the internal fluids and organs. The connected computer converts these echoes (of the baby’s) forming a 2D ultrasound scans image on the monitor. This picture is more likely a cross section of the fetus inside the womb.

The Doppler ultrasound is done with a handheld device that amplifies the heartbeat of the fetus after applying jelly on the belly.


With the early pregnancy 3D scan, several 2D images are configured in different angles that are used to make a 3D rendition of the baby. This means, instead of getting a view of the single side; you get to see the entire surface of your unborn face.

Then what is 4D ultrasound scan? It’s very much similar to 3D but additionally shows the image movement (more like a motion picture or a GIF) where you can witness your baby doing small little things like closing eyes, folding hands or sucking thumb.

Medical Officers use Doppler and 2D Ultrasound scans more often and at regular intervals throughout the pregnancy to examine any birth defects, observe the fetus and measure the amniotic fluid. The 3D scans can also reveal any fetal anomalies that can be cured even before the birth with right kind of treatment. As these scans are not included in the usual prenatal exams, you might want to get a 3D ultrasound scan separately.

In case if you’re living in and around Yorkshire, consult an experienced private dating scan in Yorkshire and take your baby home even before delivery in a 3D image form and anticipate the most for the baby’s birth.


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