How Early Can you Tell the Gender Of A Baby

Pregnancy is the most pleasant experience to each and every woman’s life. Either you are becoming a mother first time or this is your second, it is always a memorable moment.

From week 1, when you may be pregnant without knowing it, through to week 42 over due. Miracle Inside 3D\4D Baby Scan Center is with you on your voyage from bump to birth. We have a team of Sonographer who can help you to see your baby’s journey inside your womb during every step of pregnancy.

You can find all your pregnancy week-by-week information right here at Miracle Inside. The first trimester is the most crucial time in your pregnancy, it is the time when new things happen in your body. During pregnancy, the most curious thing in the mother’s mind that is knowing about the gender of your baby. As you have to make preparation for your little angel link name, dress & toy collection, etc. Like all mothers, if you want to know about your baby gender then you can take help of private gender scan.

During pregnancy, you can use multiple pregnancy scans to check your baby gender, baby movements and wellness inside the womb. To know the baby gender there are many methods like cell-free DNA test, but this result is not always accurate and the other way is pregnancy ultrasound.

You can get this pregnancy scan done during the 18-20 weeks of your pregnancy and for the accurate result 14th week of gestation. At this time, your baby is well enough developing inside the womb.

This ultrasound gender scan don’t simply uncover the infant’s sex; the technique is mainly used to capture the early look at the fetus to identify it’s developing accurate or not. About the safety, it is one of the safest procedure to find out the baby’s gender.

If you are excited about your first appearance of your baby then baby ultrasound gender scan will definitely help you with this.





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