7 Scans Every Pregnant Woman Should Know About

Pregnancy is a time for joy as you are expecting a new member in a family. Nowadays ultrasound has become an indispensable  part of pregnancy. Women now has facility of so many scans as this technology helps to detect any abnormalities in the growth of the baby and also it is also very exciting for parents to see their baby on the screen and know the sex of baby before birth.

At Miracle Inside we offer the facility of various types of scans like early pregnancy scans, gender scans and 2d/3d/4d scans for you to see for yourself your baby a real beautiful miracle inside in mother’s womb and experience the precious moments.

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7 Scans Every Pregnant Woman Should Know About
WE at Miracle Inside offer following scans to give peace of mind to every pregnant women–


It is also known as Viability scan or Dating scan though this scan is not routinely recommended. It is done from week 5  to  11 and the main reason when recommended are—

  • Confirm viability of pregnancy
  • To determine single and multiple pregnancy
  • Any unusual pain
  • Rule out ectopic pregnancy
  • To calculate gestation period of pregnancy



This scan is available from 11 weeks 2 days up to 14 weeks. Screening is done for chromosomal  abnormalities such as down, Edwards and Patau syndrome.In this scan thickness of fluid at the back of baby’s neck known as  Nuchal area is measured and this information along with mother’s blood test  allow doctor to calculate likelihood of baby having a chromosomal abnormality.



This scan is recommended for women with a history of past early labour. This is done from  14 to 32 weeks where the cervix is measured and assessed to determine whether you can avoid the risk of miscarriage through small surgery.



This private gender scan is done usually from 15 weeks with the main purpose to know the gender of baby and results are 95% accurate. Expert sonographer using 2D technology get the clear image confirming whether your baby is a boy or girl.

private gender scan



This s scan is performed 36  weeks onwards to check the position of baby in the womb. This scan will confirm the clear position of baby, also placenta position and also see the growth of baby. Through this presentation scan, any abnormalities in the womb and about baby can be conveyed to mother so that remedial actions can be taken.



This reassurance scan is done between  14 to 24 weeks with the aim to provide bonding experience with the baby as the parents can hear the heartbeat of their baby. This is a 5 minute  2d ultrasound session where parents can also choose 4d glimpse of their baby.



This scan is normally done between 24 to 34 weeks when the parents can see and experience the beautiful world of their baby.With the help of latest HD scanning equipment parents get to see live their baby movements in the womb. 4D baby scans are also provided on DVD’s or Digital files as the wish of parents so that they can take it home share this wonderful experience with family.


Benefits Of Yoga During Pregnancy




Pregnancy and yoga are both highly compatible, this is because yoga is a tool to explore the depths of our human nature and there is nothing more natural than having a baby. Prenatal Yoga is the best exercise for your baby and for the well being of your health.

When a woman enters the state of pregnancy her senses are heightened, she can smell more vividly, she is more sensitive to taste and emotional states. These are just some of the indicators that suggest the senses of a woman of intuition are increasing. Thus, to practice yoga at this time in her life, will help a woman to tune into her intuitive nature and tap into her innate wisdom so that she may be guided from within in order to positively experience the transformation into motherhood.

Yoga offers some effective practical tools to help navigate a woman through pregnancy to the labor, postnatal recovery and motherhood.

Here are some benefits of yoga during the pregnancy period:-

Builds strength and stamina
1. Maintains joint stability
2. Brings awareness to, and enhances tone of pelvic floor for to prevent tearing in labor and better postnatal recovery
3. Boosts energy and combats exhaustion
4. Grounding and centring to relieve stress and anxiety and calm emotional turbulence
5. Relieves common minor ailments during pregnancy
(e.g swelling (fat ankles!) , heartburn, rib pain, constipation, hip and lower back pain)
6. Prevents stretch marks by increasing the elasticity of the skin
7. Helps maintain balance as the center of gravity changes
8. Promotes relaxation and restful sleep and combats insomnia
9. Breath awareness and control along with visual techniques help manage contractions during labor
10. Hypno-birthing techniques are influenced by yoga principles and so the two are highly compatible and complimentary
11. Keeps the body supple without strain
12. Can help the expectant mother bond with the unborn baby through visualization techniques
13. Lots of all-four positing said to help with optimal foetal positioning
14. Cultivates core strength safely which will help close up abdominal diastatsis postnatally

Yoga is also beneficial because you’ll learn how to breathe deeply and consciously relax, which will be helpful as you face the physical demands of labor, birth, and new motherhood.
Learning to breathe fully is actually one of the first things you’ll learn in the yoga class. A breathing technique practiced in yoga is known as ujjayi in which you take in air slowly through your nose, fill your lungs as you expand your belly, and exhale completely until your stomach compresses. According to a recent review yoga even reduces your chances of having complications in pregnancy.

Apart from this if you want any information related to your pregnancy scan you can visit our clinic Miracle Inside which is an ultrasound baby scanning clinic in Leeds