Benefits Of Yoga During Pregnancy




Pregnancy and yoga are both highly compatible, this is because yoga is a tool to explore the depths of our human nature and there is nothing more natural than having a baby. Prenatal Yoga is the best exercise for your baby and for the well being of your health.

When a woman enters the state of pregnancy her senses are heightened, she can smell more vividly, she is more sensitive to taste and emotional states. These are just some of the indicators that suggest the senses of a woman of intuition are increasing. Thus, to practice yoga at this time in her life, will help a woman to tune into her intuitive nature and tap into her innate wisdom so that she may be guided from within in order to positively experience the transformation into motherhood.

Yoga offers some effective practical tools to help navigate a woman through pregnancy to the labor, postnatal recovery and motherhood.

Here are some benefits of yoga during the pregnancy period:-

Builds strength and stamina
1. Maintains joint stability
2. Brings awareness to, and enhances tone of pelvic floor for to prevent tearing in labor and better postnatal recovery
3. Boosts energy and combats exhaustion
4. Grounding and centring to relieve stress and anxiety and calm emotional turbulence
5. Relieves common minor ailments during pregnancy
(e.g swelling (fat ankles!) , heartburn, rib pain, constipation, hip and lower back pain)
6. Prevents stretch marks by increasing the elasticity of the skin
7. Helps maintain balance as the center of gravity changes
8. Promotes relaxation and restful sleep and combats insomnia
9. Breath awareness and control along with visual techniques help manage contractions during labor
10. Hypno-birthing techniques are influenced by yoga principles and so the two are highly compatible and complimentary
11. Keeps the body supple without strain
12. Can help the expectant mother bond with the unborn baby through visualization techniques
13. Lots of all-four positing said to help with optimal foetal positioning
14. Cultivates core strength safely which will help close up abdominal diastatsis postnatally

Yoga is also beneficial because you’ll learn how to breathe deeply and consciously relax, which will be helpful as you face the physical demands of labor, birth, and new motherhood.
Learning to breathe fully is actually one of the first things you’ll learn in the yoga class. A breathing technique practiced in yoga is known as ujjayi in which you take in air slowly through your nose, fill your lungs as you expand your belly, and exhale completely until your stomach compresses. According to a recent review yoga even reduces your chances of having complications in pregnancy.

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