6 Tips Indicating The Sign Of Labor

Learn the clear signs of labor and if you are really going into labor what to expect! Here are some ways that will definitely tell you that your baby is almost here. Many expectant mothers are anxious about their signs of labor. Like when will it happen? How long it will take? How will it feel? It’s totally hard to predict the answers of these questions as every birth is different.

Here are some tips that indicates the sign of labor:-

1) Increased vaginal discharge:- Vaginal discharge is increased and made up of secretions from the cervix, old cells from the walls, and normal bacterial flora. Pregnancy discharge is typically white or off-white in color, and can increase in the volume near your due date. The color can also be changed from white to pink.

2) Contractions:- During contraction, the muscles of your womb contract and the pain increases. If you put your hand on your abdomen, you should feel it getting harder. When the muscles are relaxed, the pain fades and your hand will feel the hardness easily. The contractions are pushing your baby down and making your cervix ready for your baby to go through.

3) Change in baby’s activity:- You may read in some books that your baby’s movements will decrease near to birth. This is not strictly true; it’s not that their movements decrease, but more probably the pattern changes. You should still be having ten movements per hour, but instead of them being like the kicks you are used to.

4) Backache:- When contractions start and when you go into labor, some women experience a strange mild or heavy pain in their lower back. This may feel similar to the pain that you have when you have a menstrual period.

5) Restlessness: For some, restlessness can lead to difficulty sleeping in the last few days before a birth. Sensations like trembling or shuddering are quite usual before the onset of labor and are the body’s way of getting rid of tension. A warm bath and/or a massage will make you feel more comfortable.

6) Diarrhea:- Contractions of the uterus, as well as hormones from the uterine wall (prostaglandins), may affect the bowel, and because of this, some women also have diarrhea when they go into labor. Again, this is more likely in advanced labor.

Remember, every labor experience is different, but the more you know of what to expect, the more prepared you’ll be for the first signs of your own labor. When in doubt, contact maternity hospital for any advice.

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