Read these Pregnancy Tips to Get a Healthy Baby

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Giving birth to a child is one of the most magical moments in every women’s life and it is important to ensure that your child is healthy and safe. Most of the women are worried about the health and delivery of their coming child. It is important for pregnant women to be stress-free, as much as they can. Having a healthy pregnancy is the aim of every woman.

Here are some tips which will help you to have a smooth, successful pregnancy where you feel happy and keep your energy up. If you are new mums read these points:-

Take a Healthy Balanced Diet:- Nutrition is important during pregnancy, so make sure you have a healthy choice of fibre-rich vegetables and fruits as well as foods like fish and dairy products to fulfil your protein needs. Don’t leave the food because you and your baby need as much nutrition and calories as possible, although not the fattening kind so make sure you get a balanced diet. Always ensure that the food which you are taking is cooked well, especially chicken, eggs and meat.

Exercise for Smooth Pregnancy:- The best way for a healthy pregnancy and to get back to shape after giving birth is to have a daily exercise. It will provide you with a great strength to deal with labour pain and overcome mood swings during pregnancy. You can choose some gentle exercises that are recommended by your doctor. Light exercises will be good for your pregnancy so try swimming, yoga and walking.

Antenatal care:- It is important for the health of your baby and you are responsible to go for regular checkups. At least 4 weeks to check weight, blood pressure, baby’s heart rate, position and size to ensure that your baby is safe and secure.

Take Plenty of Rest:- Be sure to relax a lot so that you and your child can be recuperated and to ensure that your immune system is as strong as possible. It is recommended to pregnant women take rest on your side, reduce swelling and generate the best circulation to your body.

Avoid Damaging Substances:- Get rid of unhealthy habits. Quitting smoking during pregnancy is very important and you have to get rid of alcohol completely. These can harm your baby and may have the risk of developing disorders and disabilities to the baby.

Conclusion:- Many mothers are not completely sure of the best way to take care of themselves during pregnancy. Add these important tips in your must do’s during your pregnancy and keep your baby safe.

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How To Maintain a Successful Pregnancy

If you are thinking about getting pregnant or you already are you most likely know some of the basics about dealing with yourself and the infant. Try not to smoke. Try not to drink. Get your rest. Here are some more tips, from taking vitamins to what to do with the kitty litter, that can help ensure a protected and healthy pregnancy.

1) Take A Pre Natal Vitamin:- Even when you are trying to conceive, it’s smart to start taking pre natal vitamins. Your baby’s neural cord, which becomes the brain and spinal cord, develops within the first month of pregnancy, so it’s vital you get the basic nutrients, like folic acid, calcium, and iron, from the very beginning. Pre natal vitamins are available at the Prenatal vitamins are available over the counter at most medication stores, or you can get them prescribed from your doctor. If taking them makes you feel nauseous, try taking them at around evening time or with a light snack. Biting Chewing gum or sucking on the hard candy afterward can even help.

2) Exercise:- Staying active is a must for mothers to be. Regular exercise will enable you to control your weight, improve circulation, boost your mood, and enable you to sleep better. Besides, getting into an exercise habit now will help you to set a good example for your child after she’s born. Pilates, yoga, swimming, and walking are all great activities for most pregnant women, however make certain to check with your doctor first before beginning any exercise program. Go for 30 minutes of activity most days of the week. Tune in to your body, however, and don’t try to that too hard.

3) Educate Yourself:- Even if this isn’t your first baby, going to a labor class will enable you to feel more prepared for delivery. Not only will you have the opportunity to learn more about childbirth and newborn care, however you can still make particular inquiries and voice any concerns. You’ll also turn out to be more familiar with the facility and its staff. Presently it is also a good time to brush up on your family’s medical history. Talk to your doctor about the problems you faced with your previous pregnancies, and report any family incidences of birth defects.

4) Change Up Chores:- Even everyday tasks like scrubbing the bathroom or cleaning up after pets can become risky when you’re pregnant. Exposure to the toxic chemicals, lifting heavy objects, or coming in contact with bacteria can harm you and your baby. Here are some things to take off your to do list:-

  • Heavy Lifting

  • Climbing ladders

  • Using harsh chemicals

  • Standing for long periods of time, especially near a hot stove.

5) Say Yes To Cravings:- Frankly no one knows why cravings happen. Some experts say they may be nature’s way of providing nutrients to an expectant mom or may be lacking. Others say they’re an emotional thing. Regardless, as long as you’re eating an overall healthy diet, it’s usually fine to give in to your cravings. Just be careful to limit the portions don’t down all that ice cream at once and know which snacks to steer clear of. A few foods to avoid raw and undercooked meat or eggs brie, feta, and other types of unpasteurized cheese, herbal teas, and raw sprouts.

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5 Pregnancy Tips To Have A Smart And Intelligent Baby

We all know that our food choices while pregnancy affects how the baby develops physically. But, did you know that it even makes your child smarter? All the choices you make while you are pregnant from workout to eat green leafy vegetables, all help in developing your child’s brain and make him smarter.

As an expectant mother, you need to ensure about your diet. It has all the nutrients and energy that needed for your baby to develop properly.

Here are some pregnancy tips to have a smart and intelligent baby:-

1) Eat Healthy :- Omega 3 fatty acids are absolutely essential for baby’s brain development. You may include foods that have a good content of omega 3 such as fish in your diet. Iron found in leafy vegetables helps the flow of oxygen to the baby’s brain cells. Also, include nuts such as almonds and walnuts in your diet during the period of your pregnancy. Walnuts are essential for the development of brain of adults and babies alike.

2) Stay Fit And Active :- Staying fit and active is all the more important during pregnancy. Fight the urge to laze around and get off the couch if you want to make your baby smarter. While exercising your body secretes hormones that are good for the baby’s brain development. If you aren’t exercising before getting pregnant, stick to light weight exercises and brisk walks. It has been proven that mothers who are active during pregnancy have much smarter baby than the normal ones.

3) Avoid: There are certain things that you need to avoid if you want a healthy and smart baby. One such thing is smoking, as leads to premature delivery. Smoking also considerably harms the baby’s brain cells. Consuming alcohol while you are pregnant can also have similar effects on the baby. You also need to steer clear of certain foods that have high mercury content such as shark fish, sword fish, mackerel etc.

4) Keep Your Weight in Check: There is a reason that a baby stays in the womb for whole 9 months. A fetus needs nourishment to grow and develop and achieves full maturity at the completion of 9 months. Premature delivery is often the cause of mental defects in the baby. One way to avoid premature delivery is to keep your body weight in check. The excessive weight of the mother often results in premature delivery. Hence, make sure you don’t overeat and gain extra pounds.

5) Stay Calm and Stress Free: Just like the unborn baby can hear sounds and feel the sensation of touch, it can even sense when the mother is tense or under stress. So you should stay stress free during your period of pregnancy.

Apart from this, if you have a desire to see your unborn infant, then you can go with a private ultrasound scan. This provides you a unique opportunity to see your unborn baby’s movement & heartbeat inside the womb.

7 Scans Every Pregnant Woman Should Know About

Pregnancy is a time for joy as you are expecting a new member in a family. Nowadays ultrasound has become an indispensable  part of pregnancy. Women now has facility of so many scans as this technology helps to detect any abnormalities in the growth of the baby and also it is also very exciting for parents to see their baby on the screen and know the sex of baby before birth.

At Miracle Inside we offer the facility of various types of scans like early pregnancy scans, gender scans and 2d/3d/4d scans for you to see for yourself your baby a real beautiful miracle inside in mother’s womb and experience the precious moments.

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7 Scans Every Pregnant Woman Should Know About
WE at Miracle Inside offer following scans to give peace of mind to every pregnant women–


It is also known as Viability scan or Dating scan though this scan is not routinely recommended. It is done from week 5  to  11 and the main reason when recommended are—

  • Confirm viability of pregnancy
  • To determine single and multiple pregnancy
  • Any unusual pain
  • Rule out ectopic pregnancy
  • To calculate gestation period of pregnancy



This scan is available from 11 weeks 2 days up to 14 weeks. Screening is done for chromosomal  abnormalities such as down, Edwards and Patau syndrome.In this scan thickness of fluid at the back of baby’s neck known as  Nuchal area is measured and this information along with mother’s blood test  allow doctor to calculate likelihood of baby having a chromosomal abnormality.



This scan is recommended for women with a history of past early labour. This is done from  14 to 32 weeks where the cervix is measured and assessed to determine whether you can avoid the risk of miscarriage through small surgery.



This private gender scan is done usually from 15 weeks with the main purpose to know the gender of baby and results are 95% accurate. Expert sonographer using 2D technology get the clear image confirming whether your baby is a boy or girl.

private gender scan



This s scan is performed 36  weeks onwards to check the position of baby in the womb. This scan will confirm the clear position of baby, also placenta position and also see the growth of baby. Through this presentation scan, any abnormalities in the womb and about baby can be conveyed to mother so that remedial actions can be taken.



This reassurance scan is done between  14 to 24 weeks with the aim to provide bonding experience with the baby as the parents can hear the heartbeat of their baby. This is a 5 minute  2d ultrasound session where parents can also choose 4d glimpse of their baby.



This scan is normally done between 24 to 34 weeks when the parents can see and experience the beautiful world of their baby.With the help of latest HD scanning equipment parents get to see live their baby movements in the womb. 4D baby scans are also provided on DVD’s or Digital files as the wish of parents so that they can take it home share this wonderful experience with family.

How Early Can you Tell the Gender Of A Baby

Pregnancy is the most pleasant experience to each and every woman’s life. Either you are becoming a mother first time or this is your second, it is always a memorable moment.

From week 1, when you may be pregnant without knowing it, through to week 42 over due. Miracle Inside 3D\4D Baby Scan Center is with you on your voyage from bump to birth. We have a team of Sonographer who can help you to see your baby’s journey inside your womb during every step of pregnancy.

You can find all your pregnancy week-by-week information right here at Miracle Inside. The first trimester is the most crucial time in your pregnancy, it is the time when new things happen in your body. During pregnancy, the most curious thing in the mother’s mind that is knowing about the gender of your baby. As you have to make preparation for your little angel link name, dress & toy collection, etc. Like all mothers, if you want to know about your baby gender then you can take help of private gender scan.

During pregnancy, you can use multiple pregnancy scans to check your baby gender, baby movements and wellness inside the womb. To know the baby gender there are many methods like cell-free DNA test, but this result is not always accurate and the other way is pregnancy ultrasound.

You can get this pregnancy scan done during the 18-20 weeks of your pregnancy and for the accurate result 14th week of gestation. At this time, your baby is well enough developing inside the womb.

This ultrasound gender scan don’t simply uncover the infant’s sex; the technique is mainly used to capture the early look at the fetus to identify it’s developing accurate or not. About the safety, it is one of the safest procedure to find out the baby’s gender.

If you are excited about your first appearance of your baby then baby ultrasound gender scan will definitely help you with this.




Baby Ultrasound: What Are The Key Benefits?

A pregnancy ultrasound is a test that utilizations high-recurrence sound waves to picture the creating infant and additionally the mother’s conceptive organs. The normal number of ultrasounds fluctuates with every pregnancy.

In the ultrasound, you rests on an examination table or bed. The ultrasound professional applies a gel to your your abdomen and pelvic region. This gel helps the sound waves travel legitimately. Next, the sonographer places a little wand, called a transducer, onto your stomach. They move the transducer to catch highly contrasting pictures onto the ultrasound screen.


In this blog, you will see an important point about the benefits and risks of baby ultrasound.

  1. There are a few women who are conveying twins don’t have any manifestations. The ultrasound is one approach to affirm, in spite of the fact that not generally in the early trimesters since one twin can take cover behind the other in utero.
  1. Pregnancy scan also help to check the heartbeat rate. Through this scan, you can easily hear the baby’s heartbeat as well as a monitor the fetal heart rate.
  1. It has also helped to make a strong bonding between mother and baby.
  1. If you are curious about gender of your baby, then private gender scan can help you.
  1. Ultrasounds permit obstetricians the chance to screen for an assortment of conditions and dangers that may influence embryos.
  1. It is also utilized to identify irregularities in the children position and activities inside the womb that may prompt to hurtful ailments or contaminations to the embryo.


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Traditional Ultrasound Vs 3D / 4D Ultrasound

Pregnancy ultrasound displays the picture of the baby in the mother’s womb using sound waves. Ultrasounds have turned into a consistent and very important portion of prenatal care. Early pregnancy scan utilized to affirm the fetal pulse and a uterine pregnancy. Later, ultrasound screen for fetal development, placenta area and umbilical rope, and additionally the child’s general well being and life systems. This is really very exciting process to see your infant in the womb, regularly moving his or her hands and legs.


Traditional 2D Ultrasound :

2D scan  is the conventional technique utilized for a considerable length of time. It delivers a 2-dimensional picture of your infant. The outcomes are generally highly contrasting, hazy, and it concentrates on your infant’s inner structures. In some ways, the 2D picture makes it less demanding for guardians to perceive structures. There are many energizing things to watch utilizing 2D innovation. This is the most ideal approach to decide the right position of your child.


3D & 4D Ultrasounds:

3D & 4D Ultrasounds

3D and 4D ultrasounds imaging innovation go past customary ultrasound filters and use extraordinary programming to give you a clearer, more reasonable and lifelike take a gander at your child. In 3D/4D Ultrasound you will “meet” and watch your child wave, yawn, or grin live while in your womb. Despite the fact that 3D and 4D ultrasound is turned out to be precious in energize holding amongst family and the new infant. With 3D and 4D examines, you see your child’s skin instead of her inner parts. You may see the state of your child’s mouth and nose, or have the capacity to recognize her yawning or staying her tongue out. 3D and 4D outputs may in any case give more data about a known anomaly. Since these sweeps can indicate more detail from various points. The 3D/4D pregnancy output can be played out at whatever time following four months.

What are the purpose of 3D / 4D Scans:

  • To determine the presentation/lie of the baby
  • To establish a current estimated fetal weight
  • To locate the position of the placenta
  • To identify and measure fetal heart rate
  • To determine the gender of the fetus if requested
  • To assess the fetus’ growth
  • To see the baby in 3D and 4D

On the off chance that you are uncertain whether you might want to have an ultrasound, you can talk about it with Miracle Inside experienced Sonographer to help settle on the correct choice for you.